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Fyvie Castle

Fyvie was once a royal stronghold,
one of a chain of fortresses
throughout medieval Scotland.  
From 1390, following the Battle of
Otterburn, five successive families
created probably the finest example
of Scottish Baronial architecture.  
An old tradition claims that these
families - Preston, Meldrum, Seton,
Gordon and Leith, each built one of
Fyvie's five towers.  The oldest part
dates from the 13th century, and
within its ancient walls is a great
wheel stair, the finest in Scotland.  Contemporary paneling and plaster ceilings
survive in the 17th-century Morning Room and the opulence of the Edwardian era is
reflected in the interiors created by the first Lord Leith of Fyvie.  A rich portrait
collection includes works by Batoni, Raeburn, Romney, Gainsborough, Opie and
Hoppner, and there is a fine collection of arms and amour, and 17th Century

In the1920's, a green lady haunted the castle.  Because the wall of one the
bedrooms was getting moldier and moldier, the proprietor of the home decided to
have it fixed.  The men employed for the job discovered the skeleton of a woman.
With pity, the proprietor gave her a descent grave in the cemetery of the village.  
From that day, the haunting began. The castle was full of apparitions and
unexplained phenomena. Tired and scared the Laird decided to put the skeleton
back inside the wall. As strange as it can be, the phenomena stopped exactly at the
same time.  The ghost wanted to stay behind the wall, instead of in a nice grave,
which is very unusual.

The castle has a curse, causing the death of the laird and blindness of his wife
should he try and enter the secret chamber below the Charter Room. In this room is
a case containing a ‘Weeping Stone’, which over the centuries has oozed water at
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