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House of Gordon Genealogy
& DNA Project
    "Every line of strength in American history is a line colored with Scottish blood."
    ~President Woodrow Wilson.

    Welcome to the House of Gordon Genealogy Website
    & House of Gordon DNA Project supplemental pages.

The House of Gordon has a proud heritage and history in Scotland and throughout the world. Scotland has given the
world so much from the very foundations of our American freedoms to a myriad of inventions. The Gordons have played
a large part in the history and culture of Scotland and America as well as many other countries!

There are several pages in this section of the House of Gordon Virginia/Mid-Atlantic Division Website devoted to the
genealogy of the House.
Please feel free to submit your website for a link to our pages.  

With over 157 cadet branches of the Gordon family it can be confusing to say the least. However, the
majority of those who bear the Gordon surname will find they descend from one of the three main
branches of the Clan…

    1. Jock & Tam Gordon the progenitors of the Gordon Houses of Cairnfield, Haddo, Lesmoir and Pitlurg.

    2. Sir William Gordon progenitor of Gordon Houses of Kenmure and Lochinvar.

    3. Elizabeth Gordon  & Alexander Seton (also known as Seton-Gordon) progenitors of the Gordon Houses
       of Abergeldie, Ardlogie, Auchdregny, Auchindoun, Backies, Belornie, Birkhall, Birsemoir, Bonty/Bonte/Buntie,
       Chappelton, Cluny, Coffurach, Corridoun, Cotton, Craibstone, Cromellat, Croughly, Delmore, Drummoy,
       Dukes of Richmond, Dunkinty,   Earl of Aboyne, Earls of Sutherland, Gartay, Gight, Golspitur, Gordonstoun,
       Grandhom Haffield, Letterfurie, Lord Byron, Marquis of Huntly, Myrieton, Orkney, Pittendreich, Ruthven,
       Sidderay, Tombae, Wardhouse

In 2011 Tei Gordon, one of our DNA Project Administrators, co-authored a study that was published in the Journal for
Genetic Genealogy (JOGG) with William E. Howard III, The Evolution of the Gordon Surname New Insight from Y-DNA
Correlations and Genealogical Pedigrees. The insights garnered to that point from the Gordon DNA Project using a
new algorithm and correlation method, Recurrent Cascading Correlation developed by Mr. Howard shows the many
genealogies in the great works on the House of Gordon by Dr. JM Bulloch and others are remarkably accurate.  Where
Bulloch, Cairnfield, Chalmers and others have left off, we are able to leverage DNA-testing to push the envelope of our
historical origins.  This includes origins of the Jock & Tam, Sir William and Seton-Gordon branches, as well as finding
possible links with our sept families.

The Gordon DNA Project is continually growing and expanding our knowledge of our clan's history, lineage, origins
and family connections within the clan Gordon to Gordon and Gordon to Sept and Sept to Sept! What the internet did
to increase the accessibility of records and expand genealogical research by connecting us socially and
conversationally, Y-DNA and mt-DNA studies are scientifically exploding the boundaries of our understanding of history,
and helping us to break through the proverbial brick walls that paper trail genealogical research so often leaves us
pounding against in frustration. This all begs the question "WHY?" Why is participation in the DNA Project important?
To answer that we will answer some of the most common questions.

What are the benefits of participating in the project? Participation can allow us to be matched with previously
unknown close relations. By comparing paper trails we can begin to work together forwards and backwards through
time more effectively to gain a better understanding of our history and lineage.

What does it cost? As a registered Surname Project with Family Tree DNA we gain group pricing advantages. While
there are many levels of testing, it is suggested that one begin with the 37-marker Y-DNA test as the 12 and 25 marker
tests don't give as much information as is desired to effectively match you with close relations.

  • 12 marker Y-DNA test:  $59.00 plus $2.00 shipping
  • 25 Marker Y-DNAPlus test:  $229.00 plus $2.00 shipping
  • 37 Marker Y-DNAPlus test:  $149.00 plus $2.00 shipping **recommended
  • 67 Marker Y-DNAPlus test:  $248.00 plus $2.00 shipping

You may
order directly from FTDNA at this link.  You can have it sent with an invoice for payment by your check or
money order, or have it charged to your charge card from that website.

-OR-  Complete the form and send to You will receive a test kit in the mail within one week and
an invoice for the test.

What is tested & what does it tell us?  Testing only takes 10 minutes and involves a sampling of saliva from inside
your cheek with a sterile cotton swab. Since we are interested in tracing surnames… the paternal lineage, we test Y-
chromosome DNA. Males pass their Y-chromosomes or "DNA fingerprints" down to their sons with little if any variation,
from generation to generation. Therefore, men with identical or near identical DNA fingerprints (some minor variations
can and do occur) can genetically be descendants of a common male ancestor.  Ideally, we would have two or more
male Gordons in the same family line participating in order to establish the "DNA fingerprint" for that particular line.  As
these matches are established, future Gordon participants would be able to readily identify whether they have this
family DNA fingerprint.

What have we learned about the clan so far? By including detailed family histories and other resources our project
administrators and participants are finding correlations among the many branches of the Gordon Clan including our
Septs. The results of your test are automatically included in an internet accessible database where your DNA is
matched to others sharing a similar genetic sequence where you are identified by kit number. Our administrators use
the TiP Report for determining Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor and the Haplogroup Identifier/Haplogroup I
Discriminator and other tools to identify kits that closely align and categorize them into family groups. (See more on the
Families page.) This information is being correlated to the findings from the Recurrent Cascading Correlation study
done by Tei Gordon and Dr. William E. Howard, III and published in their paper in JOGG in 2011.

Are we collecting genealogies and creating a genealogy database, if not can we? Yes, we ask all our
participants to upload their genealogies (paper trail) as a gedcom or to
send them to one of the admins to be digitized
and added to the collection online. It is linked to your kit number. Non-participants in the DNA study can participate by
sending their genealogies to be included. In this way other researchers may be able to benefit from your research and
link up with you to coordinate future efforts and pass along information you may not already have!
How can we view the genealogies submitted already? They are linked on the results page by kit number and also on
the Ancestor’s page (for those not participating in the DNA study.)

Do we have access to any of the clan histories and research links online? Yes, some books are online and we
have links to some of the major histories here on our
Books page. We will continue to add to this list as we locate more
sources.  There is also a repository at the Odom Library in Georgia and we have a link to that on our
Links page with
many other resources that will benefit you in a general way. The
Families page has a listing of the Gordon and
Associated Family Names (Septs) and a brief history of the House of Gordon and its genealogy showing the main
branches of the House and their genealogical origins. We are building pages for the various names to give more
specific information and links to assist you in your quest. Currently we have pages on
GORDON, ADAMS and allied
names (Macadam, Adams, Adamson, Addie, Adis, Addison, Aiken, Aitken, Atkins, Aitchison, Atken, Atkin, Atkinson), and
TODD. More are in the works!

Is there anyone to help me out? Yes! We have two board certified genealogists who volunteer their time and are
able to give you pointers and assistance in getting started and helping to direct you in your search. You can contact
them through the
contact me button on these pages. Our DNA Project administrators are also always happy to help with
their knowledge of both the analysis of the DNA study and their knowledge of the pedigree collection that the DNA
Project hosts as well as their extensive knowledge of the Clans history!  We also have a
House of Gordon DNA Project
Facebook Group where you can come and discuss genealogy and the DNA test results and the new discoveries
science is making in the genetic genealogy field!

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